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Common Roof Pests

Roof Pests
Often, roof repairs are required because homeowners have squatters and unwelcome guests. Pests, from insect infestations to a bird that has taken a fancy to your home, can cause serious damage. Not all pests are easy to spot, although the “lucky” homeowners who have a woodpecker as a squatter usually know right away who the troublemaker is. Many...

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Roof?

Roof Lifespan
  Homeowners that prioritize roof repairs and annual roof inspections can ensure a much longer “roof lifespan” than those who ignore such an important part of the home. However, asking what the average lifespan of a roof might be is akin to asking what the average lifespan of a human is—it depends. It depends on location, the materials...

Got Wind?

new roof installation
High winds due to thunder and snow storms can often be disasterous for homeowners, causing millions of dollars in property damage each year. Currently in the state of Utah there are warnings of winds up to 60 MPH ranging from Brigham City to North Salt Lake. While there are ways to protect your roof during these wind storms, also be aware that The Roof...

Oops! Avoid Rookie Mistakes

slate roofing project
The Roof Doctor wants to make you aware of common roofing mistakes that you can look out for, mistakes that we will never make, but often have to fix. Here are 3 very common roofing mistakes that you can easily avoid by hiring a good roofer like The Roof Doctor. 1. Reusing Old Materials- This is something we see often and want to help you avoid....

Leaky Roof?

plant growing on roof
By repairing your roof promptly once a problem is discovered, you may avoid roof leaks. Here are some of the things that cause a roof leak and what you can do to prevent it from getting worse. Continue reading “Leaky Roof?” »

Going Green (In Places You Don’t Expect)

chimney in need of repair in west valley city
We are sure you hear the term "go green" quite often these days. Here at The Roof Doctor, we are taking steps to go green! We've just began to eliminate paper in the office, so in light of this decision we decided to educate you on green roofing! What is a Green Roof? There are two types of green roofs, intensive and extensive. Intensive green roofs...