Trust a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor

If you’ve seen our GAF Master Elite roofing contractor certification label, you may be wondering what it’s all about. It’s more than just a fancy title — it’s a certification that only the top 3 percent of all roofing contractors nationwide are able to achieve. That’s how stringent the the requirements are.

At the Roof Doctor, we’ve proven ourselves worthy of the distinction, and because of this qualification, we are able to serve you better.

Replacing a Roof — What Could Go Wrong?

roofing contractorThink about what your roof provides: protection, safety, security. It’s an integral part of the structure of your home. It’s foolish to think just anyone can replace a roof, but sadly, many contractors believe just that.

Amateurs don’t have the in-depth knowledge of ventilation, insulation and material installation that a GAF Master Elite contractor has, but they’ll take your money and try their hand at a roof replacement anyway.

Don’t go this route. Hiring inexperienced, unverified contractors to replace your roof is a risky move. Too much can go wrong. The roof may look beautiful after they install it, but it has to function for decades. You can get a standard warranty from the materials manufacturer, but if the contractor didn’t install the materials correctly, you’ll have no recourse. You’ll be responsible for paying for a whole new roof!

What’s so Special About GAF Master Elite Status?

Depending on a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor is a much better plan. You’ll have access to the best roof-building materials on the market. You’ll know your contractor achieves an admirable level of excellence in their work because they will have had to comply with exceptionally high standards in order to gain their Master Elite status.

Some of the requirements for GAF Master Elite contractors include:

  • Positive standing with Better Business Bureau
  • Clean banking record and good credit rating
  • Clean workmanship record — no unresolved issues
  • At least seven years in business and one year in GAF’s certified program
  • $1 million in general liability coverage, plus workers’ compensation coverage
  • Dedication to furthering education and knowledge of roofing industry skills
  • Proven positive reputation in the community based on customer reviews

As you can see, only top-tier roofing contractors are able to gain GAF Master Elite status.

Enjoy Our Golden Pledge Warranty

So now you know what the GAF Master Elite certification is, but what can it do for you, specifically?

GAF Master Elite contractors undergo in-depth training to expertly install GAF products. Once your roofing installation is complete, a representative from GAF will come to your home and perform a 40-point inspection, checking every aspect of the installation to be sure it meets GAF’s standards.

Once this step is complete, GAF is so certain their Master Elite contractor’s work and their materials will stand the test of time, you get a “golden pledge” warranty — the best warranty in the roofing business. It includes a 50-year non-pro-rated materials warranty, and a 25-year workmanship warranty. Your roof will be ready for anything — from hot, dry Utah summers to unforgiving, brutally cold Utah winters.

Trust a Utah GAF Master Elite roofing contractor — call the Roof Doctor today for a free quote.