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GAF Flat Membrane Roofing

Flat roofs offer multiple architectural and financial benefits for Utah property owners. When analyzing your...


Nothing beats the look of a new roof! However, re-roofing from The Roof Doctor comes fast and more affordable...

Residential Roofing Salt Lake City, Utah

The Roof Doctor specializes in residential roofing, no matter what the materials, conditions or dreams of the...

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Spring Gutter and Roof Inspection Checklist

Every spring, it’s smart to spend time on an in-depth gutter and roof inspection. After a long winter with significant precipitation, your roof and

You Need a New Porch Roof

No, your porch roof doesn’t keep you warm and dry at night, but it’s still important to your home’s structural integrity. And whether you’re e

What Can Membrane Roofing Do for You?

Membrane roofing is installed on flat roofs to keep moisture out and maintain the building’s integrity. While it’s commonly found on the flat roof

How Can You Tell Where a Roof Leak Is Coming from?

You’ve discovered a roof leak. Well, you know there’s water coming into your home, but you can’t find the source. Recognizing you have a roof le