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TruSlate by GAF Utah Contractor

You can buy true love! TruSlate by GAF is the first “truly” affordable slate roofing that’s 100 percent...

Utah Damaged Roof Repairs

Why replace when you can repair, especially when it comes to roof repair? The Roof Doctor has...

Residential Roofing Salt Lake City, Utah

The Roof Doctor specializes in residential roofing, no matter what the materials, conditions or dreams of the...

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Winter Storm Roof Damage: When to Call a Contractor

Winter storm roof damage is possible even for the strongest roofs. Utah’s snowstorms and frigid, windy nights can compromise your roof’s security,

Rental Property Roof Replacement: When’s the Right Time?

A rental property roof replacement is one of the biggest renovations you can undertake. You want to make sure you plan for this project to gain the ma

Preventing Ice Dams: What Can You Do?

Preventing ice dams is an important job — it could mean saving thousands of dollars on home repairs and extending the life of your roof. What can yo

Why Choose a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are quickly becoming a popular choice in home design. For years, flat roofs have mostly been relegated to commercial properties, but reside